Over 100 International Federations, Organizations, NGOs and Cities which are supporting this event. The IPSC Team is represented by two juniors athletes: Anastasia Mustonen (Finland) and Sasha Mikhailov (UKPSA), and two International Technical Officials (ITOs): Louise Groenewald (South Africa) and Roderick Seeto (Papua New Guinea).

• Sasha Mikhailov is a 13-year-old IPSC junior athlete and a member of UKPSA who competes at the highest level in such disciplines as IPSC Handgun and Action Air.
• Anastasia Mustonen is a 17-year-old IPSC junior athlete and a member of IPSC Finland who competes at the highest level in such disciplines as IPSC Handgun and Rifle.
• Roderick Seeto is IPSC Regional Director and the representative of National Range Officers Institute from Papua New Guinea.
• Louise Groenewald is an active IROA from IPSC South African Region.

The IPSC would like to thank the team members for their active position and ongoing support in this important initiative, and wish them the best of luck in the upcoming festival!


The times of the following festival events are presented as the Bangkok time zone (ICT) which is 6 hours ahead of Central European Time (GMT).

The final competition program is published from Monday 6th of November on the official festival website: www.unitedthroughsports.com and will be updated daily. The Opening and Closing ceremonies will be aired on the Olympic Channel.

You are invited to join and watch the five competitions (Max Fit, Aero Fit Talent, IPC-Inclusive Sport Challenge and SOI-Unified Fitness Challenge), workshops, conference and panels via the United Through Sports website.

UTS World Virtual Youth Program 2020 HERE.

The Opening Ceremony will be a display of the solidarity where youth from around the world will participate from; Thailand, Australia, Russia, United States, Kazakhstan, UAE, Italy and more.
• Workshops x3 18 & 19 November- 18 November-Yunus Sports Hub & IOC Youth Leaders- 11.00am-12.00 ICT (Bangkok) / 19 November-10.00am-11.00 ICT (Bangkok) WADA & ITA/ 19 November-12.00pm-13.00 ICT (Bangkok) IPC
• Opening Ceremony 20 November at 19.00pm ICT (Bangkok)
• Opening Conference 20 November at 21.00pm-22.30 ICT (Bangkok)
• Panel Discussions x9 20-23 November
• Closing Ceremony 22 November at 18.00pm ICT (Bangkok)
The Conference and Panel themes give insight and perspective on a wide spectrum of topics with inspiring speakers from around the world.

All events will be streamed via:
UTS Website
UTS Facebook
UTS Youtube

Please follow www.unitedthrougsports.com for daily updates.


Anastasia Mustonen

Sasha Mikhailov

Louise Groenewald

Roderick Seeto