IPSC President Newsletter – July 2020

IPSC President Newsletter – July 2020

Dear Regional Directors,


I hope you and your family are staying safe in these challenging times!

I would like to share some news from the recent Executive Council meeting:




IPSC Electronic Scoring system will be launched in a test mode in some Regions in August 2020. Worldwide launching will happen after the testing period. This new system will give an opportunity to organizers to register in IPSC website Level III matches and the athletes will be able to register to the matches, have access to the results, ratings and their statistics as well as create personal accounts in the system which will simplify the process for further match registration and many other options.


The IPSC ESS contract is being worked on.


  • GAISF application update.


Two videoconferences were conducted with GAISF and AIMS representatives. The work on becoming WADA Code Signatory is in process, the new Anti-doping Rules are being worked on. The online seminar on anti-doping policy will be conducted later in 2020.

We will inform you once the details are finalized.

AIMS observer meeting: http://aimsisf.org/news/aims-observer-meeting/


  • IPSC Instagram.


IPSC official Instagram account is active now. Please check the link: Instagram.com/ipscworld

If your Region has an Instagram account, please send it to us.


  • IPSC Nationals and


Since not every Region has an opportunity to conduct IPSC Level III matches in the current pandemic situation, at the next General Assembly the Regions will be awarded according to 2019 calculations.



Dear Regional Directors, please pay attention that this information will be published in the official IPSC Facebook page 18 hours after this letter is sent.


You can share this information with your Board members, but please don’t publish it before the official announcement in IPSC Facebook page.


Stay safe! DVC!






Dear Regional Directors,

Dear Athletes,

Dear Range Officers,

Dear Instructors and Trainers!


I hope you and your family are staying safe!

I would like to share some news from the recent Executive Council meeting:


1)    Pan American Handgun Championship 2021


As Paraguay has withdrawn its candidacy from conducting Pan American in 2021, the bid was open for other Regions from the Zone. Three Regions have expressed their interest in bidding for hosting the match: Brazil, Canada and the USA. The online voting will take place at the beginning of July. (Only the Regions from Pan American Zone are eligible to vote).


2)    Bidding for conducting IPSC Level IV-V match. General requirements. 


The application for bidding for hosting IPSC Level IV-V will be updated so that all the information will be provided in a written form. The minimum required information will be: proposed location, type of accommodations and likely costs expressed in US dollars, general idea of the ‘cost of living’ in the location expressed in US dollars, proposed range facility and distance in kilometers/time from accommodations, anticipated weather conditions for the time of year, information about firearms legislation: magazine capacity,  terms of importing the ammo, barrel length, local price of ammo, possibility to ship ammo, possibility to keep firearm in the hotels where the athletes stay, facility to store firearms at the range, the time requirements of applying for permits for firearms and ammunition, information on any applicable import taxes for firearms and ammunition, proposed individual entry fee in US dollars, junior participation in the match, the possibility of renting firearms at the shooting range for participants, etc. It would be very important to get this information before voting to have a clear picture of the bidding Region.


3)    Match calendar 2021-2023


The following matches have been postponed by the request of hosting Regions:


a)     Far East Asia Handgun Championship (Laos) is postponed to 2022.

b)    European Handgun Championship (Greece) is postponed to 2023.


The current match calendar for 2021-2023 is:



African Handgun Championship, South Africa

Pan American Handgun Championship, tbc

Handgun World Shoot, Thailand



Action Air World Shoot, Russia

Far East Asia Handgun Championship, Laos

PCC World Shoot, USA

Shotgun World Shoot, Thailand



European Handgun Championship, Greece


4)    Disciplinary Committee


Terms of Reference of IPSC Disciplinary Committee are being finalized and will be presented to the Regional Directors soon.


5)    HWS Pre-match capacity


Understanding the high demand among IPSC athletes to have a chance to participate in Handgun World Shoot, the decision to increase the capacity of the Handgun World Shoot Pre-match for about 500 slots without changing the main schedule was approved. The details will be announced soon.


6)   Action Air Development in the Regions. 


We should remember that Action Air Discipline is the platform, where we can develop the junior sport, represent IPSC Game in any Exhibitions, Conventions and other public events without general restriction, concerning regular firearms.

The results of the questionnaire concerning Action Air development in the Regions are available HERE (click to download). 


7)    IPSC General Assembly. 


The main direction of IPSC HQ is to develop our sport and act logically based on the real-world situation, taking into account the interests of the Regions and the wishes of athletes and avoid unnecessary formalities and political ambitions.

Anyway, EC decided to organize an online voting so Regional Directors will choose the best solution for conducting the next General Assembly.


8)    IPSC Financial Report 2019


IPSC Financial report 2019 will be distributed to the Regional Directors at the second half of 2020 for their consideration.


9)   IPSC Competition Rules. June 2020 Interpretations. 


Rules interpretations for the Handgun and Combined Competition Rules extending the expiration date for 357SIG, Production Optics and Production Optics Light Divisions until 31 December 2021 have been discussed. The proper procedure for the ratification or modification is to be determined and presented to the Regional Directors.


Stay safe! DVC!


Vitaly Kryuchin

IPSC President







Estimados Directores Regionales,

Estimados atletas,

Estimados oficiales de rango,

Estimados instructores y entrenadores!


¡Espero que usted y su familia se mantengan saludables!


Me gustaría compartir algunas noticias de la reciente reunión del Consejo Ejecutivo:


1) Campeonato Panamericano de Pistola 2021


Debido a que Paraguay retiró su candidatura para dirigir el Panamericano en 2021, la oferta estaba abierta para otras Regiones de la Zona. Tres regiones han expresado su interés en presentar una oferta para organizar la competencia: Brasil, Canadá y Estados Unidos. La votación en línea tendrá lugar a principios de Julio. (Solo las Regiones de la Zona Panamericana son elegibles para votar).


2) Licitación para organizar una competencia IPSC Nivel IV-V. Requerimientos generales.


La solicitud de licitación para organizar un IPSC Nivel IV-V se actualizará para que toda la información se proporcione por escrito. La información mínima requerida será: ubicación propuesta, tipo de alojamiento y costos probables expresados en dólares estadounidenses, idea general del ‘costo de vida’ en la ubicación expresada en dólares estadounidenses, instalaciones de alcance propuestas y distancia en kilómetros / tiempo desde alojamientos, condiciones climáticas anticipadas para la época del año, información sobre la legislación sobre armas de fuego: capacidad del magazine, términos de importación de munición, longitud del cañón, precio local de la munición, posibilidad de enviar munición, posibilidad de mantener armas de fuego en los hoteles para los atletas, instalaciones para almacenar armas de fuego en la cancha, requisitos de tiempo para solicitar permisos para armas de fuego y municiones, información sobre los impuestos de importación aplicables para armas de fuego y municiones, tarifa de entrada individual propuesta en dólares estadounidenses, participación de menores en el partido, la posibilidad de alquilar armas de fuego en la cancha, etc. Sería muy importante obtener esta información antes de votar para tener una idea clara de la Región en licitación.


3) Calendario de competencias 2021-2023


Las siguientes competencias han sido pospuestas por solicitud de las Regiones anfitrionas:


a) Far East Asia Handgun Championship (Laos) se postpone para 2022.

b) European Handgun Championship (Grecia) se postpone para 2023.


El calendario de competencias actual para 2021-2023 es:



Campeonato Africano de Arma de Mano, Sudáfrica

Campeonato Panamericano de Armas de Mano, por confirmar

Handgun World Shoot, Tailandia




Action Air World Shoot, Rusia

Far East Asia Handgun Championship, Laos

PCC World Shoot, Estados Unidos

Shotgun World Shoot, Tailandia



European Handgun Championship, Grecia


4) Comité Disciplinario


Los términos de referencia del Comité Disciplinario de IPSC se están finalizando y se presentarán a los Directores Regionales muy pronto.


5) Capacidad del Pre-Match HWS


Entendiendo la gran demanda entre los atletas de IPSC de tener la oportunidad de participar en el Handgun World Shoot, se aprobó la decisión de aumentar la capacidad del Pre-Match de Handgun World Shoot a aproximadamente 500 slots sin cambiar el horario principal. Los detalles serán anunciados pronto.


6) Desarrollo de Action Air en las Regiones.


Debemos recordar que la Disciplina de Action Air es la plataforma donde podemos desarrollar el deporte junior, representar el juego IPSC en cualquier exhibición, convención y otros eventos públicos sin restricción general, en comparación a las armas de fuego regulares.

Los resultados del cuestionario sobre el desarrollo de Action Air en las Regiones esta disponible AQUI (haga click para descargar).


7) Asamblea General de IPSC.


La intención principal del HQ de IPSC es desarrollar nuestro deporte y actuar lógicamente en función de la situación actual mundial, teniendo en cuenta los intereses de las Regiones y los deseos de los atletas y evitar formalidades y ambiciones políticas innecesarias.

De todos modos, el Comité Ejecutivo decidió organizar una votación en línea para que los Directores Regionales elijan la mejor solución para llevar a cabo la próxima Asamblea General.


8) Informe financiero IPSC 2019


El informe financiero de IPSC 2019 se distribuirá a los Directores Regionales en la segunda mitad de 2020 para su consideración.


9) Reglas de Competencia IPSC. Interpretaciones de Junio 2020.


Se han discutido las interpretaciones de las reglas para la pistola y las reglas de competencia combinada que extienden la fecha de vencimiento de 357SIG, las divisiones Production Optics y Production Optics Light hasta el 31 de diciembre de 2021. El procedimiento apropiado para la ratificación o modificación se determinará y presentará a los Directores Regionales.


¡Muy Buenos Deseos de Salud! DVC!




Vitaly Kryuchin

Presidente de IPSC

IPSC celebrates 44 years since its foundation

IPSC celebrates 44 years since its foundation


IPSC celebrates 44 years since its foundation

Dear Friends,

Today we celebrate the 44 years of IPSC existence!

Those of us who were at the beginning of our sports development can see a difference, an amazing difference that happened during these years in our sport.

I would like to thank everyone who was involved in the development of our Confederation and our beloved sport!

Do you think it is hard work to develop IPSC? Maybe for some of us, but it is also a great pleasure because we have fun on the range, we have fun designing our stages, we have fun conducting our big interesting competitions, and we have fun creating and improving the rules of IPSC sport.

We also share with the whole shooting world our strict and logical safety behavior! Because we are the basis of the safe gun-handling culture development and it is also our noble mission!

All the best,


Vitaly Kryuchin
IPSC President

Col. Jeff Cooper

15th Anniversary Columbia Conference 1991 Reunion





Dear Regional Directors,
Dear Athletes,
Dear Range Officers,
Dear Instructors and Trainers!

During these challenging times, let me share some positive news and decisions which were taken during the last IPSC EC meetings held on April 21 and May 19, 2020.

1) New Regions. 

New Regions were provisionally approved by the IPSC EC: Georgia, India and Kyrgyzstan. (Subject to be ratified by the next General Assembly). The information about the Regions is published at the IPSC website with the note “Provisional”. We would like to welcome these Regions and wish them a lot of success in developing our sport!

2) IPSC Disciplinary Committee.

IPSC Disciplinary Committee was established in 2019, Dino Evangelinos was announced as a Chairman of the Committee.

3) Handgun World Shoot Schedule for 2021.

Friday, November 26 

–      IPSC General Assembly

–      Main Match Registration and Equipment Check

Saturday, November 27

–      Opening Ceremony and Official Welcome

–      Main Match Registration and Equipment Check (Half Day)

Sunday – Friday/November 28 – December 3

–      Main match

Saturday, December 4

–      Shoot-Off and Award Ceremony

4) Electronic Scoring System (ESS).

Electronic Scoring System is being developed by Jose Carlos Belino and his team. It will be used for registration and scoring at IPSC matches. The contract for IPSC having the rights of this software is being finalized and will be signed in the nearest future.

5) Report on GAISF application: 

–       GAISF approved that IPSC and IPSC Regions can use GAISF Observer Status Logo in all the official documents and IPSC websites. Please find the logo attached.

–       In order to be recognized by GAISF IPSC national federations should be recognized by the National Olympic Committee, National Sports Authority or be a member of NSSF in their countries

–       In order to promote IPSC at the international sports arena, GAISF supports IPSC participation in the events of the GAISF World Combat Games, in GAISF World Urban Games (2021), in World University Games (FISU), and IPSC is already approved to participate in United Through Sports Festival (at SportAccord 2021 in Yekaterinburg) to make a presentation of our sport!

–       The work on becoming a WADA signatory (one of the requirements to get GAISF full membership) is in progress.

6) Rules 

–       Production Optics and Production Optics Light are continued to be recognized until 31.12.2021

–       Decision on other Rules which are supposed to be expired on 31.12.2020 will be announced later.

Stay safe! DVC!

Vitaly Kryuchin

IPSC President