President’s Newsletter – December 2020

President’s Newsletter – December 2020

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Dear Regional Directors,

I would like to share some news from the recent Executive Council meeting:

1)    IPSC will prepare some promotional videos to present IPSC at the IPSC web page and for the GAISF application. It is very important to have a dynamic and visual presentation of our sport!

2)    The item on PCC minimal overall barrel length and overall is still being discussed.

3)    The IPSC ESS is already being used in several Regions. And the worldwide launch is planned for 2021.

4)    The first letter with the request to explain the origin of the 5 kilo limit while bringing the ammunition by plane was sent to IATA. We are waiting for the answer.

Stay safe!

Vitaly Kryuchin

IPSC President



Estimados Directores Regionales,

Me gustaría compartir algunas noticias de la reciente reunión del Consejo Ejecutivo:

1) IPSC preparará algunos videos promocionales para presentar IPSC en la página web y para la aplicación de GAISF. ¡Es muy importante tener una presentación dinámica y visual de nuestro deporte!

2) El tema sobre la longitud total mínima del cañón del PCC y general todavía se está discutiendo.

3) El sistema IPSC ESS ya se está utilizando en varias regiones. El lanzamiento mundial está previsto para 2021.

4) Se envió a IATA la primera carta de solicitud para explicar el origen del límite de 5 kilos para transportar municiones en avión. Estamos esperando la respuesta.

¡Mantengase sano y saludable!


Vitaly Kryuchin

Presidente de IPSC

IPSC President Newsletter – November 2020

IPSC President Newsletter – November 2020


Dear Regional Directors,

I would like to inform you that a Continental Council meeting was conducted on November 24th, 2020.

During the meeting, the representatives of the different IPSC Zones shared their experience on training, conducting matches and other IPSC activities under the pandemic circumstances. Most of the reports were positive, informing that slowly but surely the sport activities are starting to be conducted all around the globe: in some Regions more, in some Regions less. Of course, all the Regions and match organizers pay special attention to the safety measures, for example by conducting rapid COVID-19 tests at the ranges, introducing safety marshals or taking care of social distance. Most of the participants are from the Regions where the matches are conducted as in most Regions travel restrictions or the necessity to stay in quarantine after the travel to the matches to another country prevents competitors from the participation in the international matches.

Brief update on GAISF application was presented to the Continental Council representatives:

Now the recognitions from 38 National IPSC Federations are approved by GAISF and the work is still in progress.

Brief update on MISSIA development was presented to the Continental Council representatives such as a new design of the drills which is very visual and easy to use for the MISSIA Officials.

The discussion concerning a minimal barrel length for the PCC as well as introduction of the divisions for the Optic and Iron sights is still in progress.

The plan for the work with IATA on increasing the amount of carried ammunition on the flight was discussed since it is a hot topic and it is very important for our athletes to have a possibility to bring enough ammunition on a flight while going to the competitions.

We would like to thank Chrissie Wessels who was a Continental Council representative for African Zone for her great and dedicated work as a representative of the Zone but since she stepped from a Regional Director position, she is no longer a Continental Council representative. We would like to congratulate Mo Osman, a Regional Director for South Africa on being approved by a Council as a Continental Council representative for an African Zone.

Next Continental Council meeting is planned for March 10th, 2021.


Stay safe!

Vitaly Kryuchin
IPSC President




Estimados Directores Regionales,

Me gustaría informarles que se llevó a cabo una reunión del Consejo Continental el 24 de Noviembre de 2020.

Durante la reunión, los representantes de las diferentes Zonas IPSC compartieron su experiencia en el entrenamiento, la realización de competencias y otras actividades IPSC bajo las circunstancias de la pandemia. La mayoría de los informes fueron positivos, estableciendo que de forma lenta pero segura las actividades deportivas están comenzando a realizarse en todo el mundo: en algunas Regiones más, en algunas Regiones menos. Por supuesto, todas las Regiones y los organizadores de competencias prestan especial atención a las medidas de seguridad, por ejemplo, realizando pruebas rápidas de COVID-19 en las canchas, introduciendo mariscales de seguridad o manteniendo la distancia social. La mayoría de los participantes son de las Regiones donde se llevan a cabo las competencias, ya que en la mayoría de las Regiones las restricciones de viaje o la necesidad de permanecer en cuarentena después del viaje a las competencias a otro país impide que los competidores participen en eventos internacionales.

Se presentó una breve actualización sobre la aplicación GAISF a los representantes del Consejo Continental:

Ahora GAISF ha aprobado el reconocimiento de 38 Federaciones Nacionales de IPSC y el trabajo aún está en curso.

Se presentó una breve actualización sobre el desarrollo de MISSIA a los representantes del Consejo Continental, como un nuevo diseño de los ejercicios que es muy visual y fácil de usar para los Oficiales de MISSIA.

La discusión sobre una longitud mínima del cañón para el PCC, así como la introducción de las divisiones para las miras Optic y Iron, aún está en progreso.

Se discutió el plan de trabajo con IATA para aumentar la cantidad de munición permitida para transportar en los aviones, ya que es un tema candente y es muy importante para nuestros atletas tener la posibilidad de llevar suficiente munición en un vuelo mientras se dirigen a una competencia.

Nos gustaría agradecer a Chrissie Wessels, quien fue representante del Consejo Continental para la Zona Africana por su gran y dedicado trabajo como representante de la Zona, pero desde que dejó el puesto de Directora Regional, ya no es representante del Consejo Continental. Nos gustaría felicitar a Mo Osman, Director Regional de Sudáfrica por haber sido aprobado por un Consejo como representante del Consejo Continental para una Zona Africana.

La próxima reunión del Consejo Continental está prevista para el 10 de Marzo de 2021.


¡Manténgase saludable!
Presidente de IPSC
Vitaly Kryuchin


First IPSC Rifle Championship held in Kyrgyzstan

First IPSC Rifle Championship held in Kyrgyzstan

On November 15, 2020, the First Rifle Championship was held in Kyrgyzstan. 37 athletes took part in this match. 5 stages at a distance of up to 300 meters, 120 shots, 3 squads. The Championship aroused great interest and attention among the participants of all categories.

“The competition is held in the so-called open class of semi-automatic rifles, in which it is allowed to use any modifications of rifles. It is noteworthy that juniors also take part in the match. Out of 37 athletes, four participants are from 14 to 17 years old, ”said Erkin Usubaliev, vice-president of the Practical Shooting Federation of Kyrgyzstan.

Our warm greeting to the IPSC Kyrgyzstan for their great work dedicated to the development of our beloved sport in the region! 
IPSC took part in the First UTS Festival Workshop

IPSC took part in the First UTS Festival Workshop

Today the IPSC took part in the first UTS Festival’s workshop “Becoming a successful change leader in your community through sport” presented by YUNUS Sports Hub & IOC Youth Leaders.

IOC Youth Leaders shared their experiences with the UTS Festival’s participants and encouraged them to be leaders in life!

The IPSC Team was represented by Anastasia Mustonen from Finland, Sasha Mikhailov from UKPSA, Louise Groenewald from South Africa, and Roderick Seeto from Papua New Guinea.

Read more about here: Virtual Youth Festival 2020

United Through Sports – The International Virtual Youth Festival 2020

United Through Sports – The International Virtual Youth Festival 2020


Over 100 International Federations, Organizations, NGOs and Cities which are supporting this event. The IPSC Team is represented by two juniors athletes: Anastasia Mustonen (Finland) and Sasha Mikhailov (UKPSA), and two International Technical Officials (ITOs): Louise Groenewald (South Africa) and Roderick Seeto (Papua New Guinea).

• Sasha Mikhailov is a 13-year-old IPSC junior athlete and a member of UKPSA who competes at the highest level in such disciplines as IPSC Handgun and Action Air.
• Anastasia Mustonen is a 17-year-old IPSC junior athlete and a member of IPSC Finland who competes at the highest level in such disciplines as IPSC Handgun and Rifle.
• Roderick Seeto is IPSC Regional Director and the representative of National Range Officers Institute from Papua New Guinea.
• Louise Groenewald is an active IROA from IPSC South African Region.

The IPSC would like to thank the team members for their active position and ongoing support in this important initiative, and wish them the best of luck in the upcoming festival!


The times of the following festival events are presented as the Bangkok time zone (ICT) which is 6 hours ahead of Central European Time (GMT).

The final competition program is published from Monday 6th of November on the official festival website: and will be updated daily. The Opening and Closing ceremonies will be aired on the Olympic Channel.

You are invited to join and watch the five competitions (Max Fit, Aero Fit Talent, IPC-Inclusive Sport Challenge and SOI-Unified Fitness Challenge), workshops, conference and panels via the United Through Sports website.

UTS World Virtual Youth Program 2020 HERE.

The Opening Ceremony will be a display of the solidarity where youth from around the world will participate from; Thailand, Australia, Russia, United States, Kazakhstan, UAE, Italy and more.
• Workshops x3 18 & 19 November- 18 November-Yunus Sports Hub & IOC Youth Leaders- 11.00am-12.00 ICT (Bangkok) / 19 November-10.00am-11.00 ICT (Bangkok) WADA & ITA/ 19 November-12.00pm-13.00 ICT (Bangkok) IPC
• Opening Ceremony 20 November at 19.00pm ICT (Bangkok)
• Opening Conference 20 November at 21.00pm-22.30 ICT (Bangkok)
• Panel Discussions x9 20-23 November
• Closing Ceremony 22 November at 18.00pm ICT (Bangkok)
The Conference and Panel themes give insight and perspective on a wide spectrum of topics with inspiring speakers from around the world.

All events will be streamed via:
UTS Website
UTS Facebook
UTS Youtube

Please follow for daily updates.


Anastasia Mustonen

Sasha Mikhailov

Louise Groenewald

Roderick Seeto