IPSC Present At IF Forum, GAISF Extraordinary GA And IOC Joint Meeting

IPSC Present At IF Forum, GAISF Extraordinary GA And IOC Joint Meeting


28-29 November 2022
LAUSANNE, Switzerland

Safe Sport and Sustainability Under the Spotlight as Key Stakeholders Meet in Lausanne for IF Forum 2022.

Hundreds of decision-makers from the international sports community are gathering in Lausanne (28-29 November) for the International Federation (IF) Forum 2022, which will provide a platform for vital discussions about safe sport, sustainability, and human rights.

IPSC was represented by Vice President for New Regions Mr Alain Joly, who visited the IF Forum, had a working meeting with the AIMS President Mr Stephan Fox during the IOC meeting and met representative of the WADA Mr Valentin Capelli regarding further IPSC development goals.

The IF Forum 2022 is bringing together over 350 leaders from more than 125 International Federations, Presidents, CEOs, and Senior Managers meeting face-to-face in order to enable first-class networking and knowledge-exchange opportunities.

For more details please visit: https://www.sportaccord.sport/iff-2022/safe-sport-and-sustainability-under-the-spotlight-as-key-stakeholders-meet-in-lausanne-for-if-forum-2022/

IPSC and BENELLI enter into major partnership in the field of ‘IPSC Shotgun’

IPSC and BENELLI enter into major partnership in the field of ‘IPSC Shotgun’


by IPSCWorld | 7.11.2022| News and Announcements

IPSC and BENELLI enter into major partnership in the field of ‘IPSC Shotgun’

IPSC is pleased to announce the cooperation with the BENELLI as an Official Major Partner in the field of ‘IPSC Shotgun’. The common goal is to promote sport shooting disciplines of IPSC and to contribute to the further expansion of the IPSC community, of currently more than 200,000 members worldwide.

BENELLI has been actively involved in the development of IPSC sport for many years, creating advanced shotguns and are actively involved in sponsoring or organizing competitions and supporting the best IPSC Athletes. A closer partnership will make it even better to listen to the wishes of our  shooting sports community for the benefit and the development of the IPSC Practical Shooting Sport. IPSC is a technical sport. The success of the athletes depends on the quality of the equipment used. With companies like BENELLI producing equipment for IPSC athletes they are also developing IPSC sports. Therefore, IPSC attaches the highest importance to this partnership with BENELLI, that producing and supplying sports shotguns to our  athletes. Only in such close cooperation are victories possible and the best products developed.

A perfect example of this is the new Semiautomatic and Pump shotguns M2 Speed, M2 SP and Nova Speed, which were developed with the feedback of top IPSC athletes. IPSC and BENELLI are looking forward to this partnership which will help benefit shooting
sports and IPSC athletes.

For more information, please follow the links: https://benelli.it/ and www.ipsc.org

Continental Council Meeting – October 2022

Continental Council Meeting – October 2022

Spanish version is below. 

Dear Regional Directors,

I would like to share some news from the recent Continental Council meeting:

1)    HWS 2022 preparation report was presented to the meeting by Voravith Chavananand, HWS Match Director. Stage briefings were approved and the stages were built. There is no quarantine in Thailand but to enter you need either be vaccinated and present the vaccination certificate or if you are not vaccinated, you need to present a negative PCR test (within 72 hours before travel).

Gun permits for HWS participants are being worked on but some participants didn’t enter the required information.

!!!Dear Regional Directors, please check the registration of your athletes and remind them to enter all the required information (if they didn’t).

!!!Please remind your participants that it is forbidden to transport ammo without firearms in Thailand according to the local gun law.

2)    Proposed draft of the Rules amendments were discussed at the meeting. Rules proposals from Brazil, Colombia and Israel were discussed at the meeting.

3)    Draft IPSC General Assembly Final Agenda was discussed at the meeting.


IPSC President
Vitaly Kryuchin



Estimados Directores Regionales,

Me gustaría compartir algunas noticias de la reciente reunión del Consejo Continental:

1) El informe de preparación del HWS 2022 fue presentado a la reunión por Voravith Chavananand, Director de la Competencia de HWS. Se aprobaron los briefings de los escenarios y se construyeron los escenarios. No hay cuarentena en Tailandia, pero para ingresar debe estar vacunado y presentar el certificado de vacunación o, si no está vacunado, debe presentar una prueba de PCR negativa (dentro de las 72 horas antes del viaje).

Se está trabajando en los permisos de armas para los participantes de HWS, pero algunos participantes no ingresaron la información requerida.

!!! Estimados Directores Regionales, verifiquen el registro de sus atletas y recuérdeles que ingresen toda la información requerida (si no lo hicieron).

!!! Recuerde a sus participantes que está prohibido transportar munición sin armas de fuego a Tailandia de acuerdo con la ley local sobre armas.

2) El borrador propuesto de enmiendas a las Reglas fue discutido en la reunión. Se discutieron las propuestas de reglas de Brasil, Colombia e Israel.

3) El borrador de la Agenda Final de la Asamblea General de IPSC fue discutido en la reunión.

Best regards,

Vitaly Kryuchin
IPSC President