WinMSS is the official match scoring program for IPSC sanctioned matches.

Latest version: Version 8.4.2 (upload on December 25, 2023)


What’s New 

This is an administrative update.


This release expires on MARCH 31st, 2025. We expire the software to encourage WinMSS end-users to keep their installation current, but you can continue to use the software by changing the computer’s clock to a date prior to its expiry.

WinMSS Installation

Download and execute the WinMSS setup package (approximately 10 MB) by clicking on this link:

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows operating system: Windows XP, or newer.
Approximately 40 MB hard disk space
Mouse or other pointing device.


Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us at: with your concerns, comments, and/or issues at any time.