IPSC Rifle Competition Rules – Jan 2024 Edition

“   Only the manufacturers and models of electronic scoring targets listed as approved in the Electronic Scoring Target List on the IPSC website may be used in IPSC Rifle matches.”

Only Electronic Scoring Targets that fully comply with the specifications in Appendices B6 to B9 of the IPSC Rifle Competition Rules and the following criteria will be included in the list.

Electronic Scoring Targets Criteria.

  • The targets must be able to register hits from projectiles of the common calibers used in IPSC Rifle matches.
  • Electronic scoring targets do not require scoring lines, but they must be capable of registering the applicable scoring zone hits with a precision of 2 mm maximum.
  • The target must be able to register a hit located within the non-scoring border and a minimum 20 cm non-scoring area surrounding the whole target.
  • The target must be capable of registering subsequent hits with a time span of 0.09 second minimum.
  • The scoring must be able to be verified by a competitor or their delegate by viewing the scoring monitor.
  • The target should be capable of being moved by hand, without requiring vehicles or lifting equipment.


  1. The target should be robust enough to manage at least 300 rounds (on average 100-150 shooters) without the need for maintenance.
  2. The target must survive a hit to the target structure outside of the scoring and non-scoring areas.
  3. It should be possible to situate nearby infrastructure (e.g. antennas, cables or batteries) at a safe distance away from the target to minimize the risk of damage.
  4. Run time should be at least 12 hours without charging (if battery powered).
  5. The target must function in all weather conditions.

Below is the list of IPSC Electronic Scoring Targets currently approved for IPSC Rifle matches.

However, IPSC does not guarantee that a model currently listed may not be removed from the list in the future. IPSC reserves the right to modify this list at any time. Only IPSC Electronic Scoring Targets included in the list shown below and that comply with the requirements of Appendix B of the IPSC Rifle Competition Rules may be used in IPSC Rifle matches. For further information about the requirements of IPSC Electronic Scoring Targets, please refer to Appendix B of the IPSC Rifle Competition Rules, available for download from this website.




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