international practical shooting confederation

The International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) was established to promote, maintain, improve and advance the sport of practical shooting, to safeguard its principles and to regulate its conduct worldwide for the safe, recreational use of firearms by persons of good character.


IPSC regions

Regions (countries) are the organizations which promote the sport of IPSC and are the representatives of IPSC. All IPSC shooters become members of the IPSC by joining their affiliated Region.

match calendar

IPSC matches are submitted by IPSC Regions and properly sanctioned. Once a match is approved and sanctioned it will get displayed on the global  Match Calendar
(Level III, IV and V Matches).


IPSC matches are based on the principles of accuracy, power and speed. Participation in these matches will develop a high degree of safety and proficiency, as well as providing an exciting means of recreation.


Match Results for sanctioned Level III and up matches are posted on the Results page. Results will appear within 2 weeks after the match is completed and are easily searched by name and stored by year.

what makes practical shooting unique?

IPSC shooting competitions present varied degrees of difficulty. No shooting challenge or time limit may be protested as being prohibitive. Specific requirements for non-shooting challenges should reasonably allow for differences in competitor’s height and physical build.

safe and responsible firearm handling

Our strict safety and development training is intended for those who wish to participate in the sport for recreation, for competition, or to maintain a level of safe gun handling proficiency.

the best match officials in the world

IROA certifies that IPSC Range Officers are the best trained, the best qualified and best prepared to ensure a uniform worldwide standard for all competitions.


worldwide competitions

The IPSC Match Calendar Year averages 360+ Level III Matches (large Regional match) in 105 country members, called Regions, all around the world. We have more than 200k active members and 1.4+ million of rounds are shot in average in a global competition, known as World Shoot.

the best athletes in the shooting world!

The value of IPSC shooting competition is determined by the quality of the challenge presented in the course design. Courses of fire are designed primarily to test a competitor’s IPSC shooting skills, and not their physical strength or gymnastic abilities.

what’s new in ipsc?

IPSC and KAHLES enter into global partnership

IPSC and KAHLES enter into global partnership for riflescopes in the field of ‘IPSC Rifle’ 03/03/2020   IPSC is pleased to announce the cooperation with the KAHLES as an official partner for rifle scopes in the field of ‘IPSC Rifle’. The common goal is to promote...

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IPSC Joins GAISF Observer Programme

IPSC JOINS GAISF OBSERVER PROGRAMME AS COUNCIL MEETS IN LAUSANNE The International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) was officially granted observer status by the GAISF Council when it convened earlier this week. Quoting from the GAISF announcement, "Practical...

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ipsc partners

International practical shooting confederation

IPSC Postal Address:
Carretera Vieja de Bunyola – Km 6,2 – 07141 Marratxi
Mallorca, Spain
tel: +34 971 796 232

WhatsApp: +34 699 264 399

IROA Postal Address:
152 Miller Dr.

Barrie, Ontario
Canada L4N 9X3
tel: +1 705 726 2651 | fax: +1 705 726 7400