IPSC is Re-Launching its Online Store

IPSC is Re-Launching its Online Store

IPSC is Re-Launching its Online Store

IPSC re-launches its Official Online Store and welcomes its new partner Eemann Group in the field of ‘Official Licensed IPSC Merchandise’ online and offline distribution.

The worldwide need to develop an official IPSC Online Store and the desire of IPSC to organize a modern system for the development, ordering and distribution of officially licensed products containing IPSC symbolics are among the reasons for updating the store, which has worked for many years to benefit athletes and fans of our sport.

Vitaly Kryuchin, IPSC President: «Eemann Group has a vast experience, skills, and desire to ensure the developing of the system for the development, ordering and distribution of products containing IPSC symbolics and assuming the responsibilities of the Official IPSC Online Store operator».

Dmitri Eemann, Eemann Group CEO: «Our main goal is to make IPSC souvenirs, accessories, and exclusive IPSC Licensed Merchandise available for everybody worldwide, to proudly support or beloved sport. We believe in the success of this partnership with IPSC and we are looking forward to a long and prosper cooperation and further development of the sport of practical shooting».

Access to the store will be available from the Official IPSC website, www.ipsc.org, and by visiting www.ipscstore.org.

IPSC granted a license to become the exclusive partner and IPSC Store operator to Eemann Group to ensure long term development and a high quality of innovative merchandise and customer satisfaction.

The CZ Shooting Team takes home 12 medals from the CZ Extreme Euro Open 2024!

The CZ Shooting Team takes home 12 medals from the CZ Extreme Euro Open 2024!

Shooters who sported CZ colors in Hodonice won five gold, four silver and three bronze medals!

Uhersky Brod, Czech Republic (24 June 2024)

Members of the CZ Shooting Team had impressive victories at the IPSC’s CZ Extreme Euro Open competition, which took place from 20 to 22 June 2024 at the Hodonice shooting range, near the Czech city of Znojmo. This competition is one of the biggest and most difficult of the shooting season, with the largest attendance of sport shooters from all over the world. A total of 1,093 shooters from 55 countries participated in this year’s competition.

The CZ Extreme Euro Open is an IPSC Level III shooting competition. This year’s event was very well organized, with shooters facing thirty attractive, but difficult, stages. Individual stages allowed competitors to shoot on the move and enjoy each of them at the same time. Members of the CZ Shooting Team skillfully advanced through the stages and achieved excellent results.

Due to his stellar performance, Robin Sebo won the gold medal in the OPEN division. Miroslav Havlicek secured the bronze. Martina Sera dominated the Lady category and deservedly took home the gold medal. All members of the CZ Shooting Team utilized CZ 75 TS CZECHMATE pistols when competing in the OPEN division.

In the popular PRODUCTION division, which had the most competitors, the silver medal went to Argentine shooter German Romitelli, who is a member of the CZ Shooting Team. Portuguese shooter Miguel Ramos finished in fourth place and Argentine Juan Pablo Duran came in fifth. In the Senior category, Serbian shooter Ljubisa Momcilovic defended his European Championship title and added another gold medal to the CZ Shooting Team’s collection. The silver medal in the Lady category was won by Italian Camilla Almici. In the PRODUCTION division, all members of the CZ Shooting Team had the CZ SHADOW 2 ORANGE model in hand.

The PRODUCTION OPTICS division was dominated by Frenchman Eric Grauffel. Martin Kamenicek came in second and thus secured the silver medal. The bronze went to Filipino Edcel John Gino. In the Junior category, French shooter Robin Grauffel took home the silver. The excellent results seen in the PRODUCTION OPTICS division were achieved through the use of CZ SHADOW 2 ORANGE OR pistols.

Members of the CZ Shooting Team also achieved impressive results in the STANDARD division. The gold medal was won by the excellent performance of Filipino Kahlil Adrian Viray. The bronze medal was won by Zdenek Liehne and Josef Rakusan finished in fourth place. The use of CZ TS 2 ORANGE pistols by these competitors was a contributing factor to their success.

As a proud general partner of the CZ Extreme Euro Open, CZ thanks the organizers for their valued cooperation and ensuring smooth operation of the entire competition, the judges for their commitment, and all shooters who participated in the event. We would like to congratulate the winners and wish them much success in the competitions that follow this season.


Results of the competition:


OPEN division Overall (109 competitors)

  1. Robin Sebo (CZE), CZ Shooting Team 100 %
  2. Angel Angelov (AUT)                      98,41 %
  3. Miroslav Havlicek (CZE), CZ Shooting Team 98,26 %


OPEN division, Lady category

  1. Martina Sera (CZE), CZ Shooting Team


PRODUCTION division Overall (215 competitors)

  1. Michal Stepan (CZE) 100 %
  2. German Romitelli (ARG), CZ Shooting Team 99,76 %
  3. Aleksa Popovic (SER) 99,40 %
  4. Miguel Ramos (POR), CZ Shooting Team 98,84 %
  5. Juan Pablo Duran (ARG), CZ Shooting Team 97,12 %


PRODUCTION division, Senior category

  1. Ljubisa Momcilovic (SER), CZ Shooting Team


PRODUCTION division, Lady category

  1. Petra Nemcova (CZE)
  2. Camilla Almici (ITA), CZ Shooting Team


PRODUCTION OPTICS division Overall (180 competitors)

  1. Eric Grauffel (FRA), CZ Shooting Team 100 %
  2. Martin Kamenicek (CZE), CZ Shooting Team 95,39 %
  3. Edcel John Gino (PHI), CZ Shooting Team 94,69 %


PRODUCTION OPTICS division, Junior category

  1. Dan Koudelka (CZE)
  2. Robin Grauffel (FRA), CZ Shooting Team


STANDARD division Overall (121 competitors)

  1. Kahlil Adrian Viray (PHI), CZ Shooting Team 100 %
  2. Giacomo Bolzoni (ITA)                     97,03 %
  3. Zdenek Liehne (CZE), CZ Shooting Team               91,40 %
  4. Josef Rakusan (CZE), CZ Shooting Team               90,68 %


The CZ Shooting Team puts CZ firearms in the hands of the world’s best shooters, with the aim of achieving spectacular results. Competing in accordance with IPSC rules is a dynamic sport discipline, where speed is combined with accuracy. It consists of several divisions, with the most important being OPEN, PRODUCTION, PRODUCTION OPTICS and STANDARD. During the course of the competition, shooters must complete challenging stages, where he or she shoots at both static and moving targets from different positions or when on the move. The best way to approach each stage is not predefined. It is up to each shooter how they go through them. Only the score for each stage is important, which takes into account the speed and accuracy of the competitor‘s shooting.

CZ is the Match Sponsor of the 2025 IPSC Handgun World Shoot XX

CZ is the Match Sponsor of the 2025 IPSC Handgun World Shoot XX

The International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC), together with the South African Practical Shooting Association (SAPSA), is delighted to announce CZ as the official match sponsor for the 2025 IPSC Handgun World Shoot XX jubilee. The competition will take place at the Frontier Shooting Range in the city of Matlosana, South Africa. 


“CZ currently offers a wide range of the highest quality sport pistols, which are utilized by our best athletes to compete at the highest level. We are grateful to our long-term Global Partner for its active support of our sport and see that CZ is once again among the main sponsors of the largest match of the year – the World Shoot. Thanks to the support of our sponsors, we continue to provide athletes with the best conditions for competitions,” said IPSC President Vitaly Kryuchin.


“I am proud that our company will be the official match sponsor for the jubilee of the 2025 IPSC Handgun World Shoot XX. I am convinced this partnership is mutually beneficial and that together we can attract new IPSC members and contribute to further popularization of the sport. The competition will provide exceptional moments and I look forward to a unique competition of brands and shooters. May the best sportsman win,” said Jan Zajic, CEO of Ceska zbrojovka.


The parties signed a sponsorship agreement at the IWA OutdoorClassics 2024 show in Germany, confirming their commitment to a long-term partnership and cooperation on sponsorship opportunities that will assist in development of the sport around the world.


In 2022, CZ was also the match sponsor of the IPSC Handgun World Shoot XIX in Thailand. In addition to competitions, CZ, as an IPSC Global Partner in the ‘IPSC Handgun’ field, actively supports the best IPSC athletes in various divisions and members of its CZ Shooting Team always finish at the top of the IPSC’s largest international handgun matches.


The World Shoot is a global event and the highest Level V competition on the IPSC match calendar. The 2022 IPSC Handgun World Shoot XIX in Thailand had a total of 1345 competitors from 73 countries, who competed in 30 challenging stages of this IPSC Level V match, which was the largest of the year.


The IPSC Level IV African Handgun Championship will take place from 22 – 29 September, 2024, at the same range as the 2025 IPSC Handgun World Shoot. Athletes will therefore have a unique opportunity to familiarize themselves with the new range, weather conditions, and shooting environment that will be featured in the World Shoot next year.

President’s Newsletter – May 2024

President’s Newsletter – May 2024

La versión en español está abajo. 

Dear Regional Directors,

I would like to share some news from the recent Executive Council meeting:

1)    Update on the ESS scoring and registration system was provided to the meeting.

It was reported that the work is going according to the planned timeline.  It was also highlighted that new features and ongoing improvements are being implemented. The system is being well received by users in South America and is supporting a growing number of matches worldwide.

A centralized Dashboard has been completed where a member can see all their stats and info, such as: Personal Information, Matches Attended over lifetime, Attended Seminars, Current Registrations to matches they want to shoot and Open Registrations to events in their Region.

2)    Electronic Scoring Targets List was presented to the meeting and it will be published at the IPSC web page.

3)    The results of the investigation of the IPSC Disciplinary Committee on the Korean case were presented to the meeting. After the resignation of the current Regional Director, it was decided to recommend to the IPSC General Assembly to transfer an affiliation to the new organization.

4)    Kongsberg Target System together with IPSC Norway provide more than 20 electronic targets to the RWS. It will significantly reduce the stage recovery time and significantly reduce the manpower. IPSC plans to contribute to the expenses of inviting a KTS engineer during the Pre-Match and Match to monitor the smooth and high-quality functioning of the electronic targets.

Best regards,

Vitaly Kryuchin

IPSC President



Estimados Directores Regionales,


Me gustaría compartir algunas noticias de la reciente reunión del Consejo Ejecutivo:


1)    En la reunión se proporcionó información actualizada sobre el sistema de puntuación y registro de la ESS.

Se informó que el trabajo avanza de acuerdo con el cronograma previsto.  También se destacó que se están implementando nuevas funcionalidades y mejoras continuas. El sistema está siendo bien recibido por los usuarios de América del Sur y es compatible con un número creciente de competencias en todo el mundo.

Se ha completado un panel de control centralizado en el que los miembros pueden ver todas sus estadísticas e información, como: información personal, competencias asistidas lo largo de su vida, seminarios, inscripciones actuales a las competencias que desea disparar y registros abiertos a eventos en su Región.


2)    En la reunión se presentó la Lista Electrónica de Objetivos de Puntuación, que se publicará en la página web de IPSC.


3)    En la reunión se presentaron los resultados de la investigación del caso del Comité Disciplinario del IPSC sobre Corea. Tras la dimisión del actual Director Regional, se decidió recomendar a la Asamblea General del IPSC que transfiriera una afiliación a la nueva organización.


4)    Kongsberg Target System, junto con IPSC Norway, proporcionara más de 20 objetivos electrónicos al RWS. Reducirá significativamente el tiempo de recuperación de la etapa y reducirá significativamente la mano de obra. IPSC planea contribuir a los gastos de invitar a un ingeniero de KTS durante el Pre-Match y el Match para monitorear el funcionamiento fluido y de alta calidad de los objetivos electrónicos.



Presidente del IPSC

Vitaly Kryuchin


IPSC is welcoming its new educational partner – the Faculty of Physical Education & Sport Science of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens

IPSC is welcoming its new educational partner – the Faculty of Physical Education & Sport Science of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens

IPSC is welcoming its new educational partner – the Faculty of Physical Education & Sport Science of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens



The International Practical Shooting Confederation is focusing on the improvement and promotion of athletes’ performance in shooting sport with the Faculty of Physical Education & Sport Science of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens (FPESS/NKUA) by signing a Protocol for Cooperation. 


The partnership is aimed at ensuring high level educational and research programs for improving the health and the performance of athletes.


‘We are continually broadening the global reach of our sports and educational collaborations, and we believe this partnership will enhance the physical and mental education of our athletes aspiring to pursue careers in the sports field. The Faculty of Physical Education & Sport Science of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens specializes in the study, research and teaching of all expressions of Movement of the Human Body through a holistic and in-depth interdisciplinary program that includes the natural sciences, the social sciences and the humanities. The faculty members are recognized for their high-quality research and publications. We take great pride in being a partner with such a high-quality educational institute and look forward to developing our mutual educational sports programs. Firstly, the MISIA training programs are the topic of joint methodological work and will be the place of application of common effort’, said IPSC President Vitaly Kryuchin.


IPSC and FPESS/NKUA agreed to cooperate in areas of mutual interest with the aim of contributing to the development of the quality of research and also to the establishment of educational programs for athletes, coaches, and sports participants in general in shooting sports.


The Protocol for Cooperation was signed on April 15, 2024, with IPSC President Vitaly Kryuchin and FPESS/NKUA Dean Konstantinos Karteroliotis.