The closing ceremony of the 2019 IPSC European Handgun Championship held in Belgrade, Serbia on September 14.


In 2019, almost 1200 athletes came to Serbia to compete in this challenging handgun Level IV match. This year among the athletes — 132 ladies, 245 Seniors, 37 juniors, 84 Super Seniors and 8 Super Juniors. All of them competed on equal terms and showed excellent results.


The President of the International Practical Shooting Confederation, Vitaly Kryuchin, especially thanked the Government of Serbia and the Ministry of the Interior, Police, and Authorities of the City of Belgrade for supporting such a great sporting event.


“I would like to thank the Government of Serbia, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia, and the City of Belgrade for the support they provided for this sport,” Mr Kryuchin said, adding that he was pleased to see 1200 competitors from around the world here in Serbia participated in the competition.


The Organizing Committee prepared 24 challenging stages for the athletes at the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit Base Naselje 13 Maj in Belgrade. The stage design was totally responded the safety requirements and according to the participants it was not as simple as it seemed at first glance, testing athletes for accuracy and speed of fire.


The EHC 2019 closing ceremony was attended by the State Secretary of the Ministry of the Interior of Serbia Milosav Milicković, who closed the Championship, noting that the championship was at its best, with high safety standards for all participants and visitors.


“After five days of competition and competing for every second, for every shot fired and points scored, the European Handgun Championship is over. The competition was held in a socializing and fair play atmosphere, “said Milicković, after which he congratulated the competitors and medal winners on their success.


At the closing ceremony of the 2019 EHC, the Regional Director of the IPSC Serbia, Spasoje Vulević, who is also the commander of the Special Anti-Terrorism Unit, addressed to the event.


He thanked Secretary of State Milicković, as well as his team who participated in the preparation of this challenging competition, the Ministry of the Interior, as well as the City of Belgrade, who provided valuable assistance and support, as well as the President of the IPSC and all the Range Officers and helpers.


Vulević pointed out that the competition was extremely strong.


“The participants needed to have top results in order to win a medal. Speed, power, and accuracy are the basic motto of the IPSC, “said Vulević.


Two IPSC President’s medals were presented to the youngest athletes Aleksei and Dasha Stativca

(11-year-old) from Moldova and the most experienced athlete Mr Albert Rieber (82-year-old) from Germany.


The IPSC Gold Star was presented to the Regional Director of IPSC Serbia Spasoje Vulević.


“With more athletes, more countries, more sponsors and a great organization team than ever before, you raised the bar for Europeans,”Mr Kryuchin said, adding that Spasoje Vulević and his very close crew one more time provided a wonderful and exciting competition.


The second IPSC Gold Star was presented to the IROA Vice President Jose-Carlos Belino for the great work done to introduce the Electronic Scoring System (ESS), and devotion to the sport of practical shooting.


The IPSC President’s medals were presented to Match Director Spasoje Vulević, Range Master

Paulo Santos, Deputy Range Master Zoran Stamenković and Match Coordinator Milan Todorović.


The Ken Norman’s award was presented by the IROA President MrDino Evangelinos to Deputy Range Master Zoran Stamenković.


During the ceremony, the IPSC President solemnly presented certificates to the 42 MISSIA directors appointed in the IPSC regions in 2018-2019.


In conclusion, the ceremony of handing over the flag from IPSC Serbia to IPSC Greece was held, which will become the host region for the next European Handgun Championship in 2022.


IPSC congratulates all the participants and winners of the 2019 European Handgun Championship!






Revolver Division – Senior

3rd      Lindskog, Olof — Sweden

2nd     Lang, Johann — Austria

1st /PM     Schneider, Markus — Germany


Revolver Division – Overall

3rd      Nielsen, Henrik F. — Denmark

2nd      Reiter, Gerald — Austria

1st /PM     Kronawitter, Tom — Germany


Classic Division – Senior

3rd      Lento, Mika — Finland

2nd      Miglecz, Gyula — Hungary

1st/PM     Ragozin, Alexey — Russia


Classic Division – Lady

3rd      Gontšarova, Dina — Estonia

2nd      Bukareva, Olga — Russia

1st /PM     Jelena, Savković — Serbia


Classic Division – Overall

3rd      Midgley, Gregory — Germany

2nd      Boit, Julien — France

1st /PM     Cernigoj, Robert — Slovenia



Production Division – S. Senior

3rd Němeček, Zdeněk — Czech Republic


1st /PM Heller, Peter — Switzerland


Production Optics Division – S. Senior

3rd      Dazzi, Georges — France

2nd      Bettermann, Heribert — Germany

1st /PM     Kameníček, Miroslav — Czech Republic


Production Division – Senior

3rd  Cerrato, Davide — Italy

2nd  Palka, Jan — Slovak Republic

1st /PM  Vysny, Marian — Slovak Republic


Production Optics Division – Senior

3rd Haugli, Steinar — Norway

2nd Wallgren, Henning — Norway

1st /PM     Pavlik, Jan — Slovak Republic


Production Division – Junior

3rd      Nemykin, Nikita — Russia

2nd      Loupellis, Nikolaos — Greece

1st /PM     Dyadichkin, Mikhail — Russia


Production Division – Lady

3rd      Gordienko, Ekaterina — Russia

2nd      Lindberg, Cecilia — Sweden

1st /PM     Gushchina, Maria — Russia


Production Optics Division – Lady

3rd      Joe, Anna — Estonia

2nd     Pejle, Susanne — Sweden

1st /PM     Bessa, Ana — Portugal


Production Division – Overall

3rd Gushchina, Maria — Russia

2nd Ljubiša, Momčilović — Serbia

1st / PM Grauffel, Eric — France


Production Optics Division – Overall

3rd Hrnciarik, Andrej — Slovak Republic

2nd Koussev, Alexander — Bulgaria

1st /PM     Kameníček, Martin — Czech Republic


Standard Division – S. Senior

3rd    Efimov, Evgeny  — Russia

2nd   Weuster, Frank — Germany

1st /PM Magli, Esterino — Italy



Standard Division – Senior

3rd Bettoni, Leonardo — Italy

2nd Handl, Reinhard — Austria

1st /PM Santarcangelo, Adriano Ciro — Italy


Standard Division – Junior

3rd      Schröfl, Mark — Austria

2nd      Bratta, Francesco — Italy

1st      Nestolat, Vincent — France

PM Tescon, Nathaniel Bro — Philippines


Standard Division – Lady

3rd Nakling, Hilde — Norway

2nd Burkhalter, Christine — Switzerland

1st /PM Skaale, Sissal — Denmark


Standard Division – Overall

3rd Liehne, Zdeněk — Czech Republic

2nd Bolzoni, Giacomo — Italy

1st Rakušan, Josef — Czech Republic

PM TECSON, Nathaniel Bro — Philippines


Open Division – S. Senior

3rd Montesanto, Francesco Paolo — Italy

2nd Winkler, Oliver — Germany

1st /PM Obriot, Thierry — France


Open Division – Senior

3rd Czauderna, Sławomir — Poland

2nd Meier, Dominic — Switzerland

1st / PM Zanon Blasco, Jose — Spain


Open Division – Lady

3rd Ballesteros Fernanez, Lorena — Spain

2nd Hořejší, Lenka — Czech Republic

1st / PM  Šerá, Martina — Czech Republic


Open Division – Overall

3rd Obriot, Emile — France

2nd Šebo, Robin — Czech Republic

1st /PM     Ballesteros Fernandez, Jorge — Spain




Revolver Division – Overall

3rd Denmark

Nielsen, Henrik F.

Grainger, David

Mortensen, Ole

Schultz, Jakob

2nd Germany

Kronawitter, Tom

Schneider, Markus

Knaus, Günther

Jöst, Holger

1st /PM Austria

Reiter, Gerald

Kroiss, Robert

Lang, Johann

Pack, Markus


Classic Division – Senior

3rd Russia

Petrushin, Evgenii

Mitishev, Rizvan

Pushkarev, Sergey

Solovich, Oleg

2nd France

Nestolat, Michel

Altuna, Denis

Coquelle, Philippe

1st/PM Italy

Pavan Bernacchi, Filippo

Todaro, Giuseppe

Tranquilli, Valter

Ballarè, Massimo


Classic Division – Overall

3rd Russia

Ragozin, Alexey

Venetskii, Aleksandr

Kulishov, Andrey

Amirov, Ramil

2nd Germany

Midgley, Gregory

Kummer, Patrick

Hoiss, Michael

Rothe, Tim

1st/PM Italy

Anesa, Vittorio

Bragagnolo, Max

Sciurpi, Antonio

Biondi, Andrea


Production Division – Senior

3rd Sweden

Gren, Patrik

Halvarsson, Lars-olof

Svedberg, Peter

Lindholm, Morgan

2nd Slovak Republic

Vysny, Marian

Palka, Jan

Michalak, Norbert

1st/PM Italy

Cerrato, Davide

Ciccarelli, Guido

Zuccolo, Giovanni

Piccioni, Mario


Production Optics Division – Senior

2nd Germany

Wallgren, Henning

Haugli, Steinar

Strengnes, Odd

1st /PM Norway

Wallgren, Henning

Haugli, Steinar

Strengnes, Odd


Production Division – Junior

3rd Serbia

Vujčić, Bogdan

Rakić, Aleksa

Jankovic, Marko

2nd Greece

Loupellis, Nikolaos

Paliogiannis, Athanasios

Pappas, Alexandros

1st /PM Russia

Dyadichkin, Mikhail

Nemykin, Nikita

Novikov, Dmitry

Fedorov, Kirill


Production Division – Lady

3rd Italy

Giunchiglia, Ilaria

Di Prospero, Lucrezia

Boehm, Violetta

Randazzo, Licia

2nd France

Nycz, Margaux

Daguenel, Laëtitia

Vivo, Cyrielle

Clement, Aurelie

1st /PM Russia

Gordienko, Ekaterina

Drozdenko, Sofia

Gorbacheva, Irina

Deledivka, Inna


Production Division – Overall

3rd Italy

Indizio, Davide

Iorfino, Andrea

Passalia, Gianluca

Avoledo, Manuele

2nd Czech Republic

Štěpán, Michal

Zapletal, Miroslav

Strýc, Michael

Němeček, Zdeněk

1st /PM Russia

Gushchina, Maria

Torgashov, Pavel

Manturov, Evgeniy

Voyno, Alexey


Production Optics Division – Overall

3rd Germany

Nothnagel, Nils

Loch, Marijan

Eggert, Timm

Lentz, Arne

2nd Slovak Republic

Hrnciarik, Andrej

Ženčár, Pavol

Nagy, Ernest

Barancik, Ivan

1st/PM Czech Republic

Kameníček, Martin

Vinduška, Václav

Heneš, Zdeněk

Kameníček, Miroslav


Standard Division – Senior

3rd Slovenia

Jereb, Uroš

Kodrič, Jože

Leban, Bruno

Zdešar, Franci

2nd Austria

Handl, Reinhard

Benesch, Thomas

Post, Gottfried

Birner, Thomas

1st /PM Italy

Bettoni, Leonardo

Paoletti, Paolo

Magli, Esterino

Bulgherini, Bernardino


Standard Division – Lady

3rd Norway

Nakling, Hilde

Tsigakis, Tone Østreng

Kirknes, Eirin

2nd Finland

Koski, Kaisa

Mustonen, Anastasia

Vapanen, Marja-leena

1st /PM Russia

Efimova, Elena

Gordeichuk, Elena

Terentyeva, Alexandra

Zagulyaeva, Marina


Standard Division – Overall

3rd Italy

Bolzoni, Giacomo

Santarcangelo, Adriano Ciro

Del Rosario, Giulio

Antoniotti, Daniele

2nd Russia

Popov, Aleksei

Lunin, Aleksandr

Onshin, Nikolai

Titov, Vladimir

1st /PM Czech Republic

Rakušan, Josef

Liehne, Zdeněk

Znamenáček, Petr




Open Division – Senior

3rd Austria

Praschinger, Edgar

Slama, Claus

Weber, Günter Karl

Nestl, Martin

2nd Germany

Winkler, Oliver

Clausen, Torsten

Schäfer, Hans-peter

Graf, Harry

1st /PM Italy

Forlani, Dario

Buticchi, Edoardo Roberto

Barbizzi, Daniele

Ravizzini, Paolo Andrea


Open Division – Lady

3rd Austria

Aigner, Edeltraut

Nestl-Treiber, Doris

Kneringer, Sandra

2nd Italy

Canetta, Irene

Borraccia, Roberta

Marongiu, Andrea

Troiani, Domiziana

1st /PM Czech Republic

Šerá, Martina

Hořejší, Lenka

Šustrová, Kateřina


Open Division – Overall

3rd Spain

Ballesteros Fernandez, Jorge

Espilez, Ivan

Zanon Blasco, Jose

Ballesteros Fernanez, Lorena

2nd Italy

Borsari, Luca

Panetta, Cosimo

Tassone, Gregorio

D’angiolilo, Fedele

1st /PM France

Obriot, Emile

Piget, Emmanuel

Deville, Remy

Renaud, Patrick