Dear Regional Directors,
Dear Athletes,
Dear Range Officers,
Dear Instructors and Trainers!

During these challenging times, let me share some positive news and decisions which were taken during the last IPSC EC meetings held on April 21 and May 19, 2020.

1) New Regions. 

New Regions were provisionally approved by the IPSC EC: Georgia, India and Kyrgyzstan. (Subject to be ratified by the next General Assembly). The information about the Regions is published at the IPSC website with the note “Provisional”. We would like to welcome these Regions and wish them a lot of success in developing our sport!

2) IPSC Disciplinary Committee.

IPSC Disciplinary Committee was established in 2019, Dino Evangelinos was announced as a Chairman of the Committee.

3) Handgun World Shoot Schedule for 2021.

Friday, November 26 

–      IPSC General Assembly

–      Main Match Registration and Equipment Check

Saturday, November 27

–      Opening Ceremony and Official Welcome

–      Main Match Registration and Equipment Check (Half Day)

Sunday – Friday/November 28 – December 3

–      Main match

Saturday, December 4

–      Shoot-Off and Award Ceremony

4) Electronic Scoring System (ESS).

Electronic Scoring System is being developed by Jose Carlos Belino and his team. It will be used for registration and scoring at IPSC matches. The contract for IPSC having the rights of this software is being finalized and will be signed in the nearest future.

5) Report on GAISF application: 

–       GAISF approved that IPSC and IPSC Regions can use GAISF Observer Status Logo in all the official documents and IPSC websites. Please find the logo attached.

–       In order to be recognized by GAISF IPSC national federations should be recognized by the National Olympic Committee, National Sports Authority or be a member of NSSF in their countries

–       In order to promote IPSC at the international sports arena, GAISF supports IPSC participation in the events of the GAISF World Combat Games, in GAISF World Urban Games (2021), in World University Games (FISU), and IPSC is already approved to participate in United Through Sports Festival (at SportAccord 2021 in Yekaterinburg) to make a presentation of our sport!

–       The work on becoming a WADA signatory (one of the requirements to get GAISF full membership) is in progress.

6) Rules 

–       Production Optics and Production Optics Light are continued to be recognized until 31.12.2021

–       Decision on other Rules which are supposed to be expired on 31.12.2020 will be announced later.

Stay safe! DVC!

Vitaly Kryuchin

IPSC President