IPSC President visited new IPSC Egyptian Region and attended the ISSF World Cup 2024 Opening in Cairo

IPSC News, January 30, 2024

IPSC President Vitaly Kryuchin together with IROA Officials attended Cairo, Egypt, with the working trip, where from January 18 to 26, 2024 they held a series of MISIA and IROA seminars, official meetings with regional representatives of the IPSC Egyptian Region and attended the official opening of the ISSF World Cup 2024.

“Together with IROA we provided MISIA handgun level I and NROI Seminars level I in Egypt. 12 participants passed the MISIA Shooting test, and 50 NROI members passed the exam as well.

Many thanks to ISSF Africa President and IPSC Egypt Regional Director Mr. Hazem Hosny, to IROA President Dino Evangelinos, IROA Official Rudy Marchelo, we provided successfully all the seminars and required knowledge to all the participants to support the new IPSC Region” said IPSC President Vitaly Kryuchin. 

During the visit, the IPSC President met the ISSF President Mr Luciano Rossi and attended the ISSF World Cup 2024, which started with the Cairo, Egypt for the Shotgun/Rifle/Pistol events. The ISSF World Cup 2024 will be held across several cities with athletes from across the globe competing for medals in rifle, pistol and shotgun events.