IPSC is Re-Launching its Online Store

IPSC re-launches its Official Online Store and welcomes its new partner Eemann Group in the field of ‘Official Licensed IPSC Merchandise’ online and offline distribution.

The worldwide need to develop an official IPSC Online Store and the desire of IPSC to organize a modern system for the development, ordering and distribution of officially licensed products containing IPSC symbolics are among the reasons for updating the store, which has worked for many years to benefit athletes and fans of our sport.

Vitaly Kryuchin, IPSC President: «Eemann Group has a vast experience, skills, and desire to ensure the developing of the system for the development, ordering and distribution of products containing IPSC symbolics and assuming the responsibilities of the Official IPSC Online Store operator».

Dmitri Eemann, Eemann Group CEO: «Our main goal is to make IPSC souvenirs, accessories, and exclusive IPSC Licensed Merchandise available for everybody worldwide, to proudly support or beloved sport. We believe in the success of this partnership with IPSC and we are looking forward to a long and prosper cooperation and further development of the sport of practical shooting».

Access to the store will be available from the Official IPSC website, www.ipsc.org, and by visiting www.ipscstore.org.

IPSC granted a license to become the exclusive partner and IPSC Store operator to Eemann Group to ensure long term development and a high quality of innovative merchandise and customer satisfaction.