IPSC Guam News – National Range Officers Institute Graduates 10 Range Safety Officers

The [Guam] National Range Officers Institute, an ancillary of the Marianas Practical Shooting Association (MPSA), graduated ten Range Officers under the guidance of the International Range Officers Association. These ten graduates have taken the first step to achieving international recognition as certified International Range Officers. They will soon be qualified to officiate at practical shooting competitions on Guam and other IPSC Regions.

The newly minted Range Officers are members of MPSA-affiliated shooting clubs, the Guahan Practical Shooting Association and the Guam Gunners Club. A second set of candidates will be receiving their certifications before the end of 2023.

The NROI will host more classes in 2024. The goal is to prepare Guam’s practical shooting competitors and Range Officers for the Australasia Handgun Championship in August 2024 and other significant practical shooting competitions for 2025 and beyond!

The Marianas Practical Shooting Association is the accepted and acknowledged national controlling entity of the sport of “Practical Shooting” in Guam. MPSA is an affiliate of the International Practical Shooting Confederation. The National Range Officers Institute certifies Range Officers under the guidance and authority of the International Range Officers Association.

Photos and Content Credits: IPSC Guam