September 3, 2019



The IPSC Continental Council met for the third time on September 3, 2019, on the occasion of the IPSC European Handgun Championship (EHC) in Belgrade, Serbia. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the IPSC regional development and upcoming forty-third General Assembly.

The session was opened with welcome speeches from the IPSC President, Vitaly Kryuchin, IPSC General Secretary, Friedrich Gepperth, and the European Handgun Championship Match Director and IPSC Serbia Regional Director, Spasoje Vulevic.

Mr Spasoje Vulevic welcomed everyone and noted that he is glad to see everyone after nine years which passed since the last European Handgun Championship held in Serbia in 2010.

Mr Vitaly Kryuchin thanked the IPSC Serbia and its Regional Director, all the Officials and Range Officers for their enthusiasm, hard work and preparation for EHC 2019, and reported on MISSIA development.

‘The twenty-four MISSIA seminars were successfully held in sixty-four countries in 2018 – 2019. The seminars were attended by almost four hundred instructors and forty-two MISSIA Directors were appointed in the IPSC Regions in last two years’ Vitaly Kryuchin added.

The Secretary General Mr Friedrich Gepperth drew the attention of the audience to the fact that the Confederation is now undergoing changes and has already entered a new era of development. There are still many questions that require close attention of all the IPSC Officials and Regional Directors, but IPSC President and memebers of IPSC Executive Council fully support the idea of teamwork and democratic transparent way of further IPSC development.

‘We adhere to a policy of transparency and teamwork and that is why the IPSC Continental Council was introduced. All the latest decisions made only after detailed discussions and the voting of all members of the Executive Council’, IPSC President added.

Within the framework of the meeting, each representative member reported on the regional development results on their accountable IPSC Zones, and discussed the current issues of holding the level IV and V IPSC Matches as well as legislative issues of certain IPSC regions that are faced with the problem of a lack of shooting ranges and sustainable support for IPSC sport at the state level.

The meeting was attended by Regional Director for Australia Gareth Graham, Regional Director for the Philippines Edwin B. Lim, Regional Director for South Africa Chrissie Wessels, Regional Director for Etonia Jaanus Viirlo, Regional Director for the USA Mike Foley, Regional Director for Italy Silvia Bussi and Regional Director of Czech Republic Roman Sedy.

Among the members of the IPSC Executive Council and IPSC Administration presented at the meeting was IPSC President Vitaly Kryuchin, IPSC General Secretary Friedrich Gepperth, IROA President Dino Evangelinos, IROA Vice-President Jose Carlos Belino, IPSC Vice – President for the new Regions – Sponsorship Director Alain Joly, IPSC Media Director Ekaterina Nikiforova and IPSC Acting Secretary Olga Kuznetsova.

The next meeting will take place on November 9, in Philippines, within the upcoming IPSC Australasia Handgun Championship 2019.


The IPSC Continental Council is an advisory committee consisting of representatives from all the IPSC Zones: Africa, Australasia, Europe and Pan-America. Its Representatives are experienced Regional Directors from strong and successful Regions within the IPSC Zones. The Council was created to monitor the development of, and support given to, IPSC Regions. It analyses the current situation of each Region in order to suggest options for the efficient development of new ones and encourage new Regions to join IPSC. The Continental Council holds meeting once or twice a year in conjunction with Level IV and V matches.

IPSC Continental Council Representatives:

AFRICAN ZONE: Regional Director for South Africa Chrissie Wessels, Regional Director for the United Arab Emirates Salem Al Matroushi

AUSTRALASIAN ZONE: Regional Director for Indonesia Bambang Trihatmodjo, Regional Director for the Philippines Edwin B. Lim, Regional Director for Australia Gareth Graham, Regional Director for Thailand Voravith Chavananand

EUROPEAN ZONE: Regional Director for Estonia Jaanus Viirlo, Regional Director for Italy Silvia Bussi, Regional Director for the Czech Republic Roman Sedy

PAN-AMERICAN ZONE: Regional Director for Jamaica Alastair Charles Stewart, Regional Director for the USA Mike Foley, Regional Director for Ecuador Dr Roberto Gilbert.

The International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) was founded in 1976 as a shooting sport and today recognizes all the main shooting disciplines – Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun, and Action Air. The Latin words Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas (DVC) meaning accuracy, power, and speed are IPSC’s motto and form the foundation for competition.

IPSC also emphasizes procedures for safe gun handling and strict adherence to the rules governing the sport. In IPSC courses of fire the results are calculated by dividing the competitor’s target score by the time taken to complete the course of fire. The shooter must be the most accurate and fastest to win.

Courses of fire utilize many aspects not found in the more traditional shooting disciplines such as movement by the shooter, moving targets, multiple targets, and the freedom for the shooter to solve the shooting challenges presented in the courses of fire. Therefore, competitions are very exciting for competitors and interesting for spectators.

105 countries (IPSC Regions) are members of the Confederation and actively organize IPSC Matches. The number of active IPSC competitors worldwide exceeded 200,000 with 351 IPSC national and international sanctioned matches held annually.


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