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IPSC competitors know that the cornerstone of our sport is safety, and our Rule Books are without any doubt the master compendium on everything related to the right and safe way to practice our beloved sport. But learning and understanding the rules can be challenging… Introducing DVC QUIZ – an innovative and fun way to learn more about IPSC shooting and its history!

DVC Quiz is an edutainment concept based on the principle of questions/answers, playable in groups or solo, proposed in the form of a board game, but with online extensions in the future. Half of the questions are about the rules, which is the primary purpose of the game, but the other half are about the genesis of the shooting discipline, its anecdotes, the evolution of practices, and the men and women who have developed it and left their mark. All in all, six major themes are covered in this first edition, focused on Handgun. An
additional card pack will be available next year for all other IPSC disciplines (Shotgun, Rifle, PCC).

Cylinder-shaped Pawns

IPSC Scores Dice

The Cards

IPSC competition rules are relatively complex, because they are complete. They have been enriched over the years, and while their very first version in 1978 was on four pages in a single version, there are now nine, depending on the discipline, each with more than 70 pages! They are closer to a legal reading than to a playful one. As a result, few shooters are really interested in them, and most of them rely on what their instructors have told them, or follow the movement on the competitions. So I wanted to make learning it more fun, to make it less dramatic and to allow everyone, both practitioners and supporters, to learn while having fun.

Obviously, the DVC QUIZ game is intended for fun and learning about the sport of practical shooting only and is not an official source of information about the rules of the sport of practical shooting. To familiarize yourself with the current rules of the sport, the only way is to get information from the official IPSC site, or instructions from your official RO.

It is possible to play the DVC Quiz in different ways. You can play it with your family, and allow your relatives or children to discover in more details the passion of their spouses or elders. You can play it with your instructors or shooting friends, outside of the training sessions at the range, to become familiar with the rules and their interpretation, and to discover the history of the sport, which one day will become Olympic, who knows. You can also play solo, to challenge yourself and have fun. DVC Quiz tournaments can be organized, within clubs, during matches or IPSC promotion events. A real community of users will be encouraged.

6 Thematics

The core of DVC Quiz know-how is the way questions and answers are managed. In addition to its theme, each question has a unique identification allowing a total traceability, and if required, its correction. It is characterized according to several criteria, including its level of difficulty, its attachment to an IPSC discipline, or to a region. If it refers to a Rulebook, whenever possible its edition will be specified and the reference chapter will be indicated.

This indexing allows us to offer, with the Premium membership, a follow-up and a periodic update of the rulebook issues. A way to always stay on top of the knowledge of the regulations.

DVC Quiz is ready to be produced. It is the subject of a decisive launch campaign. We need your contribution, it is important, because if the funding targets are not met, the game cannot be produced. You don’t risk anything, because if this does not happen, you will be fully refunded.

On the other hand, if we are successful, you will receive the first board game, with an original design and questions exclusively about the IPSC, its history, its specificities and its rules. As a thank you to all contributors, everyone will receive a patch, and the first 500 will also receive a pin. As for those who will opt for the Premium formula, they will receive a cap with the game logo.

I count on you, time is limited, it will be over on June 18. The starting signal has been given!

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