In Col. Jeff Cooper’s words:

Col. Jeff Cooper

Col. Jeff Cooper

“The Columbia Conference was held at Columbia, Missouri at the instigation of Dick Thomas and Franklin Brown… With no authority but our own enthusiasm, we set up the International Practical Shooting Confederation, with representation in fourteen nations.”


(American Handgunner, March/April 1978)




Dear Regional Directors, IPSC Officials, Partners, Sponsors, Manufactures,

 Dear Athletes,

 23 years ago, I stepped into a rough river called Practical Shooting and my life was changed, filling me with enthusiasm, training, victories, and fun!

 I am sure that each of us experiences the same!

 Practical Shooting inspires us and gives us fantastic speed shooting skills!

 Starting at each Stage in the Match, we train our will and courage, we learn to overcome doubts and fears! We learn to concentrate and hit the target in a stressful condition Course of Fire!

 This improves us as a person and improves the quality of our life!

 By practicing IPSC, we get the Safe Gunhandling Skill, which is a model of a Gunhandling Culture for the entire shooting world!

 Thanks to all members of our IPSC Family who shoots, trains, serves at matches, who helps our sport, who produces firearms and equipment, who organizes competitions and develops IPSC!

 Thanks to everyone who made the IPSC a Great International Sport!

 Congratulations on the 45th IPSC Anniversary!


Vitaly Kryuchin
IPSC President



Columbia Conference 1976






15th Anniversary Columbia Conference 1991 Reunion