IPSC invites to the 2024 IPSC Rifle World Shoot III in Finland

International Practical Shooting Confederation and IPSC Region Finland are pleased to invite you to the largest match of the 2024 sports season – IPSC Rifle World Shoot III in Oulu, Finland.  

RWS III Main Match will take place from August 4 – 9, 2024 in Ruutikangas Shooting Center, Raahentie 143, 91900 Liminka, Finland, 36 km distance from city of Oulu. Ruutikkangas shooting sports center is the first and largest first-class shooting sports center in Finland.

“The IPSC Rifle World Shoot is the highest-level rifle match within IPSC, which consists of several days and 30 separate courses of fire. IPSC is on a mission to promote safe use of firearms through the sport and level V matches are the key events in our sports calendar. Together with the host Region – IPSC Finland, IPSC invites athletes, officials and supporters from around the world to join the 2024 IPSC Rifle World Shoot at the Ruutikangas Range, which is one of the best shooting facilities in Finland”. said IPSC President Vitaly Kryuchin.

This is the match that everybody is talking about worldwide. 30 Stages, 500+ Rounds and over 600 IPSC competitors from around the world. 

RWS III’s Stage Design Team includes such IPSC World Champions and Top IPSC Athletes as Petri Runtti, Raine Peltokoski and Jarkko Laukia.

“We in Finland are proud to host third rifle world shoot in IPSC history. And, after decades, the first ever major match to be held in Finland in our wonderful sport. Therefore, the whole community of IPSC Finland, together with municipalities of Liminka and Lumijoki, and all other partners in surrounding area, and the government, will do our best to make this event memorable to all of you. Stages will be designed by top rifle shooters in Finland, and range is brand new with excellent facilities. We warmly welcome you to the match to measure your own level against top Finnish athletes. Or, to come and show us Finns how it ́s done. Totally up to you. That is the essence of competition. On the behalf of Finnish Shooting Association, IPSC Finland, and Ruutikangas Shooting Centre, welcome to Finland 2024.Enjoy Finland, enjoy shooting.” said Match Director Petteri Aro in his welcome letter.

We are pleased to inform you that GECO – a quality ammunition brand “MADE IN GERMANY” will accompany the 2024 IPSC Rifle World Shoot as Official Match and Ammunition sponsor.

The innovative GECO brand https://geco-ammunition.com/en/ offers a broad portfolio of cartridges for pistols & revolvers, rifles, shotguns, all of which are carefully tailored to the special requirements of dynamic IPSC sport shooting.

“We are very happy to welcome you to the 2024 IPSC Rifle World Shoot”

Petteri Aro – Match Director

Official website https://2024rws.worldshoot.org

The International Practical Shooting Confederation (I.P.S.C.) was founded as a shooting sport which combines accuracy, power and speed into an exciting comprehensive test of gun- handling and shooting skill. With the primary emphasis always on safety, IPSC shooting blends movement, ever-different courses of fire, and represents the fastest-growing international shooting sport in the world today. The high level of excitement and enthusiasm for both competitors and spectators alike guarantees the vitality of this popular shooting sport.