Main International Shooting Instructors Association

MISIA was established for the accreditation, recognition, education and maintenance of the Instructors and Trainers of Practical Shooting sport.

Our Vision

 To educate, nurture and develop the best trained, safest and most highly skilled sports competitors in the world.


Our Mission

 To promote, maintain and improve the worldwide standard of safety training of Athletes in the sport of Practical Shooting.


Our Goals


1. To establish the accreditation, recognition and maintenance of MISIA Instructors and Trainers. 

2. To develop and standardize a MISIA curriculum. 

3. To set up a unified approach to MISIA training. 

4. To promote and enhance both the quality and efficiency of training. 

5. To certify MISIA Officials in every IPSC Region. 

6. To promote gender equality and equity in sport. 

7. To assist IPSC in developing and maintaining a worldwide youth program.


Completed Seminars Worldwide

Certified MISIA Instructors Worldwide

Participating Countries

Frequently Asked Questions

How's the Training Delivered?

The Level I and II Seminars in 2019 will be conducted by the IPSC President. Level II Seminars will consist of one-day theory and two days’ practice on the range.

Participants in Level II Seminars will learn the techniques of working with a group of four shooters and the special tips on training new and intermediate ability athletes.

How can I sign up for the seminars?

You must contact your Regional Director for approval.

Only certified MISIA Instructors who have completed a Level I Seminar can participate in Level II Seminars.

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