IPSC Ken Norman Awards

Ken Norman Award

Presented annually to the International Official to have made the most outstanding contribution of time and talent to IPSC Shooting.

This award recognizes Excellence In Officiating and a standard of conduct for which we should all strive.


Year   Recipient Region
1992 Ken Norman Zimbabwe
1993 Barrie Cousins United Kingdom
1994 Alain Joly France
1995 Jan Hansen Norway
1996 Dino Evangelinos Canada
1997 Jorge Russo Argentina
1998 Bob Chittleborough United Kingdom
1999 Chepit Dulay Philippines
2000 Doug Lewis Canada
2001 Janne Gregnert Sweden
2002 Rita Stockbridge
Jayne Moon
South Africa
South Africa
2003 Victor Ferrero Ecuador
2004 Chepit Dulay Philippines
2005 Sergio Martins Brazil
2006 Dimitrios Tzimas Greece
2007 Silvia Bussi Italy
2008 John Alman Australia
2009 Rudy Marcelo Philippines
2010 Milan Trkulja Czech Republic
2011 Juergen Tegge Germany
2012 Ronny Bergstrom Sweden
2013 Robby Atmadja Indonesia
2014 Philip Joey Racaza Philippines