Handgun Divisions

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Handgun Divisions

Open Division

1.  What happens if a competitor in Open Division makes Major Power factor but his bullet weight is below the 120 grain minimum?

   See Point 14 of Appendix D1 in the IPSC Handgun Rulebook.


Standard Division

1.  Standard Division prohibits compensators. If I have an attachment extending forward of the barrel & slide of my gun, but there are no holes in the attachment other the hole in the barrel from which the bullet exits, is this legal?

   No. A weight attached to the end of the muzzle is still deemed to be a compensator, even if it does not have holes.


Classic Division

1.  What happens if a competitor who declared Major has 9 rounds loaded in one of his magazines at the Start Signal?

   He can continue to shoot in Classic Division, but he is scored Minor, provided his ammo achieves the minimum power factor. Note that the "maximum 8 rounds loaded for Major" rule relates only to scoring within the division. A competitor will be relegated to Open Division if he has more than 10 rounds (of any calibre) loaded in any magazine accessible to him during a COF.


Production Division

1.  What guns are approved for Production Division?

   Only those guns listed as approved on the Production Division List. If it's not shown on the list as approved, it's not approved.

2.  How often do you update the Approved Gun List?

   Once a year, in April.

3.  Can Glocks compete using +2 baseplates or +1 followers? Can I use a Glock 17 magazine in my Glock 19 or Glock 26?

   Yes, to both questions. See Appendix D4 in the IPSC Handgun rulebook.

4.  Can a DA/SA pistol that is included as approved on the Production Division list start a course of fire in single action mode (e.g. "cocked & locked")?

   No. See Point 15 of Appendix D4 in the IPSC Handgun rulebook.

5.  Can I use my 1911 style SA pistol in Production Division?

   No. Single-action (1911) style pistols currently dominate Open, Standard and Classic Divisions. Production Division was created to accommodate all other styles.

6.  Can I apply skateboard or grip tape to the factory grips, or change the grips, of my Production Division Pistol?

   Yes. See Point 17.3 of Appendix E3 in the IPSC Handgun rulebook.

7.  My pistol has been fitted with an aftermarket trigger stop. Is this allowed?

   Models which have factory installed trigger stops are allowed. Otherwise, this modification is not allowed.

8.  Can I replace the original 3-dot sights on my Glock 17 with aftermarket 3-dot fiber optic sights?

   Yes. You can use any open sights. See Point 17.2 of Appendix D4 in the IPSC Handgun rulebook.

9.  Can I apply paint or sight black to my pistol?

   Yes. See Point 16.3 of Appendix D4 in the IPSC Handgun rulebook.

10.  Am I allowed to cock my SA/DA pistol for the first shot in a course of fire?

   No. The first shot in a course of fire must be double action. See Point 15 of Appendix D4 in the IPSC Handgun rulebook for the exception.

11.  How will the trigger pull be measured at a competition?

   The test will usually be conducted during the chronograph stage at a match. See Appendix E4 in the IPSC Handgun rulebook for details of the test.

12.  Some pistols on the approved Production Division list do not have a de-cocking lever. Are they acceptable?

   Yes. All DA/SA pistols without a decocking lever must start with the hammer fully down. See Rule  A discharge during this procedure will be considered as unsafe gun handling and the competitor will be disqualified.

13.  Can we use Glock models 34 and 35 in Production Division?

   Glock in their own advertising call them "long slides". They are special sporting handguns with a lighter trigger pull (3.5 lbs) and a longer barrel (135mm) out of the box. Maximum barrel length in Production Division is 127 mm (5").

   The Production Division does not include special sporting models like the Glock 34 and 35, or the H&K USP Expert, or the Sig Sauer Sport II series if they differ in barrel length from the standard model (Glock 17, Sig Sauer 226, H&K USP).

"Production" does not necessarily mean that all pistols which are currently in production are legal for use in this division.

14.  Can 7 or 8 shot revolvers be used in Production Division and shot to capacity? In Revolver Division, I can load to capacity, but I'm required to reload after firing 6 rounds.

   Sure. Both Taurus and S&W have 7 and 8 shot revolvers which have barrels less than 5". The models are listed in Production Division.

15.  Are the beavertail backstraps offered by Glock for their Gen 4 pistols legal for Production Division?

   Yes. See Point 16 of Appendix D4 in the IPSC Handgun rulebook.


Revolver Division

1.  I shoot a S&W 686 in .357 magnum. Can I modify the cylinder to accept moon clips?



Course Design

1.  Medium Courses and Long Courses specify that course design and construction must not require more than 9 scoring hits from any single location or view. What does this mean?

   A course of fire must not force a competitor to fire more than 9 shots from any "location or view", and definitions of both these terms can be found in the Glossary of the rulebook. However if the course design allows some targets to be shot from more than one location or view, this gives the competitor the option of from where they may be shot, and the course of fire is in compliance with the rules. The objective of this rule is to encourage movement.



1.  What is the minimum age requirement for IPSC membership and competition?

   IPSC does not regulate age requirements. This is the responsibility of the individual countries and their national regulations.