Match Results

The results of a registered Level III (or higher) match must be submitted within two weeks after the match. Otherwise the match will be removed automatically from the IPSC Calendar.

Match results may be submitted by one of two methods:

  1. Automatically upload the results via the Internet using WinMSS.
  2. Submit the results manually using this Match Results Form.

Select a match from the list below by clicking on the match name.

Date Level Match
2018-04-15 III Michail Ganas Alexander The Great 2018, Greece
2018-04-14 III Rewal Ironhand Shotgun, Estonia
2018-04-14 III Ii Etapa Do Campeonato Paraense De IPSC 2018, Brazil
2018-04-14 III Huehuetenango Open, Guatemala
2018-04-13 III Israel Independence Cup 2018, Israel
2018-04-13 III Shotgun Cup 2018, Germany
2018-04-13 III Sig-sauermasters 2018, Netherlands
2018-04-11 III Spring Break 2018, Switzerland
2018-04-07 III Home Countries, Great Britain
2018-04-07 III 1st Stage State Capixaba Of IPSC Shotgun Festpcttf, Brazil
2018-04-07 III 9th Bathory Cup 2018, Slovak Republic
2018-04-07 III Vipgun Open 2018, Belarus
2018-04-06 III Cps Cup Masters 2, Russia
2018-03-31 III 2018 Apc Double Tap, New Zealand
2018-03-31 III Superleague I, Czech Republic
2018-03-31 III Martinique Cup Tsv, France
2018-03-30 III I Etapa Do Municipal De IPSC Ctb Belem, Brazil
2018-03-30 III Phuket IPSC Handgun Championship 2018, Thailand
2018-03-30 III Adygeya Republic Open Shotgun Champinship, Russia
2018-03-30 III Masters Cup, Russia
2018-03-27 III Australian National Championships, Australia
2018-03-24 III Esl I, Estonia
2018-03-24 III 1st Round S.a. Championships, South Africa
2018-03-23 III Belarus Handgun Open Cup 2018, Belarus
2018-03-23 III 5.11 Cup Germany, Germany
2018-03-23 III Southern Frontier, Russia
2018-03-22 III Pirate Game 2018, France
2018-03-18 III 011 Tactical Cup, Serbia
2018-03-17 III Ii Etapa Do Campeonato Mineiro De IPSC 2018, Brazil
2018-03-17 III German Area 2 Regionals, Germany
2018-03-17 III Ii Etapa Paulista IPSC Hg E Open International, Brazil
2018-03-17 III 2 Etapa Camp. Catarinense 2018 Open Internacional, Brazil
2018-03-17 III Scottish Shotgun Championships 2018, Great Britain
2018-03-16 III Amazon Shoot 2018, Suriname
2018-03-14 III Icarus Iv - Mini Rifle, Philippines
2018-03-14 III Icarus Iv - Handgun, Philippines
2018-03-14 III Icarus Iv - Shotgun, Philippines
2018-03-10 III The Championship Of Russia 2018, Russia
2018-03-10 III I Etapa Do Brasileiro De IPSC 2018, Brazil
2018-03-10 III Russian Central Region Championship, Russia
2018-03-09 III 2nd Dnd Sec Delfin Lorenzana Cup-mini Rifle, Philippines
2018-03-09 III 2nd Dnd Sec Delfin Lorenzana Cup-handgun, Philippines
2018-03-09 III 2018 River City Open, New Zealand
2018-03-08 III Arg Open Mdq 2018, Argentina
2018-03-03 III Iskandar Shoot 2018, Malaysia
2018-02-24 III I Etapa Camp. Catarinense 2018 Open Internacional, Brazil
2018-02-24 III I Etapa Campeonato Paulista 2018-open Interncional, Brazil
2018-02-23 III 2018 Victorian State Titles, Australia
2018-02-23 III Archangel Michael Cup - First Round, Russia
2018-02-22 III Marcos Cup 2018 – Mini Rifle, Philippines
2018-02-22 III Marcos Cup 2018 - Handgun, Philippines
2018-02-22 III Marcos Cup 2018 - Action Air, Philippines
2018-02-22 III Marcos Cup 2018 Shotgun, Philippines
2018-02-18 III Eleftheria Cup Ii, Greece
2018-02-17 III Battlefield Snow 2018, Estonia
2018-02-17 III Eleftheria Cup I, Greece
2018-02-15 III Russia Rifle Cup - 2018. 1th Stage, Russia
2018-02-10 III Limpopo Rifle Level III, South Africa
2018-02-03 III A A Home Countries Championships 2018, Great Britain
2018-02-02 III Mic2018, Canada
2018-01-28 III Budo 3 Gun Tournament, Greece
2018-01-27 III Copa Maya El Salvador 2018, El Salvador
2018-01-27 III Commissioner Of Bali Police Open Champhionship 201, Indonesia
2018-01-27 III Hawkes Bay Summer Challenge, New Zealand
2018-01-26 III 2018 Sa State Handgun Championships, Australia
2018-01-26 III Cps Cup Masters 1, Russia
2018-01-26 III Russian Frost: Russia Shotgun Cup - 2018.1st Stage, Russia
2018-01-06 III Kickstart, Russia
2018-01-06 III 13th Gks Match, Germany
2018-01-04 III 3 Koenig Match, Austria

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