IPSC Email Address Change

IPSC Email Address Change

Use the form below to change your existing IPSC email alias. There is no charge for this.

Please Note: Do not use a Compuserve, AOL, Yahoo or t-online.de email address. Emails sent to these addresses by IPSC are rejected by their servers.

IPSC Email Address Change Form

Enter your IPSC Alias: 4-16 alphanumeric characters with no spaces.
Enter your old email address: Mail will no longer be relayed to this address.
Enter your new email address: Mail sent to your IPSC Alias will be relayed to this address. Do not use AOL, Compuserve, Yahoo or t-online.de.
Select your IPSC Region: You must select a valid country from the list.
Your date of birth: Select a year, month and day
Enter your given name: One only. Maximum 15 alphabetic characters.
Enter your family name: One only. Maximum 25 alphabetic characters.

Please press the Submit key once only.

It may take a couple of minutes to accept your input. Please allow a few days for the change to take effect.

If you wish to contact us about any problems with IPSC Aliases, please use
for any email correspondence.